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To contribute or not to contribute April 27, 2009

Posted by willem42195 in Social networks.
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What a week!

Less than a month ago I didn’t have blog, I didn’t care about Twitter (I hadn’t even tried it) and – as far as I know – Twibe groups didn’t exist yet.

And now, in exactly one week, I’m writing my second blog post, more than 165 people (and still counting!) have registered with the BusinessIntelligence Twibe and it’s hard to think of something for which there is no Twibe group yet.

Agreed, Twibes is not that stable yet and some people seem to struggle to make it work so it can improve on user-friendliness. But the Twibes team is very responsive (thank you Adam & C°!) and they are adding great features all the time.

A feature that I’m really looking forward to is the possibility to tweet directly from the Twibe. In the first week, only 5 persons or so actually actively participated by publishing content in the BusinessIntelligence Twibe. My hope is that this new feature will have a positive impact and get more people involved.

In 17 Things we Used to Do Andrew McAfee wrote:

I perceive myself to be part of a single network of friends on Facebook, but I’m part of two very different networks on Twitter: the people I follow (I select these people because I want to get information from them), and those who follow me (these people select me because they want to get information from me).

Sure, people can be part of both networks (you follow them and they follow you), but often they’re not. Likewise, in the Twibe group there will be members that join only with the intention of “listening” and not being “heard” – a position they can of course change at any time.

But since you don’t have to be a member of the Twibe group to see its content, it makes me wonder what their incentive is to join?

Personally, I believe it is about being part of a group and having something in common (after all we call them social networks). It also clearly relates to the last two use cases that Andrew described: Finding information on topics of interest and Finding people who share an interest.

I’m curious to hear what you think about it. Please leave a comment below.



1. Peter Thomas - April 27, 2009

Networking at the speed of light, well electrons anyway 🙂


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