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On Twitter and Twibes April 17, 2009

Posted by willem42195 in Social networks.
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Recently I discovered Twibe groups. It was love at first sight and I decided to immediately create a group about my passion: Business Intelligence (http://www.twibes.com/BusinessIntelligence).

What is it that I like so much about the concept?

While I do recognize that chitchatting is inherent to Twitter and part of its charm for many users, the reason why I’m on Twitter is purely professional. I use Twitter to unload my mailbox and get rid of all those newsletters and other marketing messages that I don’t read anyway. I prefer the short tweets and people’s personal comments. Mip described this very nicely in his post “How I Became a Twitter Convert”.

But, since people (luckily!) have many interests and a life next to work, I often have to wade through a lot of tweets that are of little interest to me to find those that are relevant to my area of expertise. Jeremiah Owyang predicts even worse in his post “What Happens When Twitter Gets Mainstream Attention”.

This is where I believe Twibe groups come to the rescue. All members of the group share a single (1) interest – in this case Business Intelligence. Twibes scans all tweets from members of the group for those that match any of up to 3 tags (which the group can freely define).

Sometimes, less is more. My idea of the Twibe group is like a Reader’s Digest: you only get to see tweets that are relevant to the group without you having to track down people and following them individually. The group is a powerful medium for content providers to reach a large and attentive audience. The win for the information consumers is efficiency: they get lots of needles and only little hay.

Rules of engagement for the BusinessIntelligence Twibe group:

  • to make your tweet show up in the group, tag it with bitwibe (if you prefer #bitwibe, that will work too)
  • only tag tweets that are directly related to BI (defined in its largest sense)
  • if you retweet something that was already tagged, remove the bitwibe tag unless you add a personal comment that is interesting for the group
  • no spam (this includes commercial messages and information about seminars, trainings and webinars)
  • the group is international so tweet in English and about topics of general interest

If you have any suggestions or would like to share what you expect from the group, then please enter your comments below.



1. Karim - April 18, 2009

He Willem,

i think it’s a wonderful idea. Let’s hope it takes off…. Fingers crossed…

2. Peter Thomas - April 18, 2009

Your twibes BI group certainly seems to have been a sucess, last time I looked there were 96 members, probably over 100 now. Honoured to be member #2.


3. Ed Todd - April 25, 2009

How do I join the BI Twibe?

wschampheleer - April 25, 2009


First, you need to have a twitter account. If you don’t have one, go to http://www.twitter.com to sign up.

Then simply tweet the URL of the twibe (http://twibes.com/BusinessIntelligence)
go to http://twibes.com/BusinessIntelligence and click on Join. This will open twitter for you with the tweet prepared. Click on update to send it.

Thank you for your interest and CU in the twibe soon!


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